Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna.

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Pure Mathematics

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic from the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Vienna, working with Lyubomyr Zdomskyy.

Before I was a visitng researcher fellow at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Vienna, the research was supported by the Vilho, Yrjö and Kalle Väisälä Foundation of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (December 2019 - November 2020). Before that I was postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Prof. Assaf Rinot (December 2018 - November 2019). During 2018 I was a substitute lecturer at the University of Helsinki during the spring semester.


Due to the current situation in the world, some Logic seminars will be held online for some time. I will try to keep an updated list with information on seminars held online, you can find the list here or in the weminars links in the enevnts section. If you know about a seminar that will be held online and the organizers want to share the information about it, let me know. Information about seminars that upload the talks is also welcome.

Short CV

I finished my Ph.D. in Finland at the University of Helsinki under the supervision of Tapani Hyttinen, thesis defended on 2017 with grade "Pass with Distinctions". My master studies were done in Germany at the University of Bonn, the thesis was done under the supervision of Peter Koepke and Philipp Schlicht with grade 1.0. My bachelor in mathematics was done in Colombia at the National University of Colombia (campus Bogotá), the thesis was done under the supervision of Humberto Sarria with grade 4.8/5.0.

Erdös number


Research interests

Model theory: Classification theory, stability theory.

Set theory: Generalized descriptive set theory (GDST), reflection principles, large cardinals.


David Asperó, Gabriel Fernandes, Tapani Hyttinen, Vadim Kulikov, Assaf Rinot.