Redcorded talks in Online Seminars

Due to the current situation in the world, some Logic seminars will be held online for some time. The following is a list of some recorded talks in online seminars.
Note: The videos are listed by speaker.
  • Alejandro Poveda

    Sigma-Prikry forcing and their iteration
    Video: May 13, due to technical dificulties the image is lost, follow the talk as a podcast using the slides
    Video: May 6, the talk starts at minute 25:50, slides

  • Alexander Berenstein

    Expansions of vector spaces with a generic submodule
    Video: November 18

  • Alf Onshuus

    Omega categorical dependent structures of ordinal th-rank
    Video: October 28

  • Ali Enayat

    Leibnizian and anti-Leibnizian motifs in set theory
    Video: May 27

  • Amador Martín Pizarro

    Arithmetic progressions and complete amalgamation
    Video: October 23

  • André Platzer

    Logical Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Video: September 27

  • Andreas Blass

    Ultrafilters on omega versus forcing
    Video: October 21

  • Andreas Lietz

    How to force (*) from less than a supercompact
    Video: May 5

  • Artem Chernikov

    Incidence counting and trichotomy in o-minimal structures
    Video: September 16

  • Assaf Rinot

    Transformations of the transfinite planes
    Video: June 10

  • Boris Zilber

    Syntax, definability and geometry
    Video: May 13

  • Carlos Di Prisco

    Ideals and maximal almost disjoint families
    Video: May 27

  • Corey Bacal Switzer

    Some Set Theory of Kaufmann Models
    Video: June 17

  • Daniel Calderón

    Nullity notions on the real line
    Video: August 26

  • Darío García

    Pseudofinite structures: asymptotic classes, dimensions and ranks
    Video: April 29

  • Farmer Schlutzenberg

  • Gabriel Goldberg

    Even ordinals and the Kunen inconsistency
    Video: November 18

  • Grigor Sargsyan

    Determinacy, forcing axioms and inner models
    Video: November 4

  • Iván Ongay Valverde

    Splitting localization and prediction numbers
    Video: April 3

  • Jing Zhang

    Transformations of the transfinite plane
    Video: April 22

  • Joel David Hamkins

    • Categorical cardinals
      Video: June 26

    • Bi-interpretation of weak set theories
      Video: May 20

  • John Baldwin

    On Strongly Minimal Steiner Systems: Zilber's Conjecture, Universal Algebra, and Combinatorics
    Video: September 2

  • John Goodrick

    The model theory of ordered Abelian groups
    Video: September 30

  • Kameryn J Williams

    The geology of inner mantles
    Video: December 2

  • Keegan Dasilva Barbosa

    A Decomposition Theorem for Aronszajn Lines
    Video: April 10

  • Marcos Mazari Armida

    • A model theoretic solution to a problem of László Fuchs
      Video: September 24 (Passcode: nv?4TQGx)
      Video: September 17 (Passcode: 3m6N6K+$)
      Video: September 10 (Passcode: 53az#5^g)

    • Simple-like independence relations in AECs
      Video: April 20

  • Mark Kamsma

    The Kim-Pillay theorem for Abstract Elementary Categories
    Video: December 10 (Passcode: 95?vQ*@T)
    Video: December 3 (Passcode: GeC8de=a)
    Video: November 19 (Passcode: cQ6SCb^C)

  • Matteo Viale

  • Menachem Kojman

    Strong colorings over partitions
    Video: March 25

  • Menachem Magidor

    • Weak diamond, Uniformization and its connection to Whitehead's problem
      Video: August 26

    • Borel determinacy can not be proved in Zermelo Set Theory
      Video: April 1

  • Miguel Moreno

    • Filter Reflection
      Video: May 27

    • Consistency of Filter Reflection
      Video: May 8

  • Ming Xiao

    The Borel chain conditions
    Video: March 20

  • Mirna Džamonja

  • Ralf Schindler

  • Rami Grossberg

    On local & global questions in the theory of Abstract Elementary Classes
    Video: June 3

  • Roman Kossak

    Kernels of digraphs having local finite height
    Video: March 25

  • Rosario Mennuni

    The domination monoid
    Video: November 25

  • Saharon Shelah
    Paul Bernays Lectures 2020

    • Struggling with the Size of Infinity
    • How Large is the Continuum?
    • Cardinal Invariants of the Continuum: Are they all Independent?
      Videos: August 31 and September 1

  • Samson Abramsky

    The logic of contextuality
    Video: November 6

  • Samson Leung

    Tameness and good \lambda-frames
    Video: October 15 (Passcode: @jwtA2Qz)
    Video: October 8 (Passcode: aP78H&*P)
    Video: October 1 (Passcode: ND5thQ8)

  • Silvia Barbina

    The theory of the universal-homogeneous Steiner triple system
    Video: October 16

  • Sylvy Anscombe

    Diophantine subsets and subfields of large fields
    Video: December 2

  • Todd Eisworth

    Representability and Pseudopowers
    Video: April 24

  • Victoria Gitman

    Elementary embeddings and smaller large cardinals
    Video: May 6

  • Will Boney

    Erdos-Rado classes and generalized indiscernible in AECs
    Video: November 12 (Passcode: B59@8d42)
    Video: November 5 (Passcode: hPQe3h9*)
    Video: October 29 (Passcode: evY^=v0m)

  • Xavier Caicedo

    Undefinability of rigid classes
    Video: April 15

  • Zaniar Ghadernezhad

    Group topologies on automorphism groups of homogeneous structures
    Video: May 22

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