Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna.

Midnight sun in Finland

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Articles and tutorials

Tutorial: La funciĆ³n exponencial [Esp] (April 2021).

Is it possible that you really don't have choice? Skolar.fi (June 2017).


Why not to be afraid of learning mathematics
June 2021. Talk given to a general audience, Platzi Math School. Voicechat (Telegram).

Continuously Comparing Theories.
January 2017. Talk given to a non-mathematical audience, most of them Ph.D. students of other fields (the talk of my public examination was based on this talk), Helsinki University. Helsinki (Finland).
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Das Spiel des bösen Königs.
August 2013. Talk given to my non-mathematical classmates during the B1 German course, Institut für Sprachvermittlung internationalen Kulturaustausch. Bonn (Germany).