Miguel Moreno

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute of Mathematics, University of Vienna.

Picture of a forest in Finland

Applications of Mathematics


In this project we use different tools of R to study the market cap of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BAT, to determine whether there is an underlying relation between them. We conclude that there was a linear relation between Bitcoin and Ethereum, and no clear relation with BAT.
Languages: R. Article - Jupyter Notebook - Github

Parameters on SIRD
In this project we use Python to simulate a model of epidemiology, the model that we will use is a simplification of the SIRD model with vaccine. The goal of this notebook is to show how small changes in the parameters may produce big changes in the simulation.
This notebook is to show an example of how mathematics is applied to other fields. It is not a project about epidemiology.
Languages: Python. Article - Jupyter Notebook - Github

Toronto and NY venues
In this project we compare Toronto and New York venues, to determine the best investment options for these cities and which city is the best to invest for venues.
Languages: Python. Report - Presentation - Jupyter Notebook - Github